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Accessories / Trailer Lighting Interface / CONNECT 2 BE

Electronic module for the electrical installation of hitch trailer. It has original connectors and PVC and corrugated tubes to facilitate installation and preserve the originality of the vehicle. It has the following functions:

1) Protects against polarity inversions in the connection between trailer and hitch.

2) Prevents the anomaly light from being activated on the vehicle dashboard when towing.

3) It transmit the signals: reverse, brake, tail lights and right and left turn signals to the hitch socket.

4) Reduces installation time and prevents electrical damage to the vehicle.

5) IP44 protection agains humity. Guarantees the security requirements of international standards and prevent against traffic penalties.

To learn more about the other features and functions of this product, please download its installation manual located on this page.

Alternatively, you can choose the CONNECT 2 model, which performs the same functions, but has a lower cost because it does not have the original connectors or PVC and corrugated tubes.

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