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Accessories / Power Doors

Automation of original electric locks

Tury speed lock modules are intended to perform automation of original systems (OEM) or electric lock kits installed in the vehicles.

Together with the central lock system (original or installed later) will add the function of automatic lock of the vehicle’s doors by speed (speed lock) without the need of a manually controlled command by the driver.

Lock can be performed in 3 different ways, it is the customer or installers option:

Speed lock by accelerometer: Through the onboard speed sensor without the need to connect cables to the vehicle original speed sensor.

Speed lock by speed sensor: Through the vehicle original speed sensor, allowing in this case, calibration by precision mode*

Brake lock: Through the vehicle brake signal, locking after the second activation of the brake pedal.

At last, an accessory that guarantees protection and safety to passengers, endowed with the most advanced technology that will allow a big increase in the accessory sales revenue in national and imported cars.

We have also developed a special solution to vehicles that are not endowed with internal electronic switch to lock and unlock.

*Precision mode: Strategy that allows precise speed adjustment.

Consult correct application for your vehicle.