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Accessories / Auto Turn Off Radios

Automation and protection of lighting systems

Tury lighting line consists of several product models, each one for a different purpose. Check these products and their functions below:


AC05 module works in two different ways:

1) Sound alert with timer to remind driver to manually activate commands to turn on front lights, tail lights and headlights after starting the engine, with 30 seconds cycles. Alert will be deactivated when lights original command is activated by the driver.

2) Automatic switching of front lights, tail lights and headlights 3 seconds after starting the engine + programmable system of sound alert for front lights and tail lights burned bulbs. Alerts only for 3W and 7W bulbs, LED bulbs are not detected but have no influence in the detection system. Automatic switching is deactivated when the original head light command is activated by the driver. When original head light command is turned off, the module will send out 5 alert bips, indicating that the headlights were turned off. It avoids the overloading in the vehicle electric system, avoiding that when starting the engine, bulbs be already on.    

• Sound alert for commands of front, tail and headlights on with the ignition key turned off. It can be deactivated if the vehicle already has this alert system as original feature.

• Follow me home – front lights, tail lights and headlights timing with the ignition key turned off.

Besides above functions, other characteristics should be highlighted:

• Universal to be applied in any 12 volts vehicle.

• Battery Saver: low current consumption system with the module in stand-by.

• In case of any kind of failure, it does not interfere in the original lighting operating system of the vehicle.  

* Headlights power should always be made after the original headlights relay, straight into the bulbs line and never before.



AC04 module is intended to allow perfect use of couplers attached to trucks or trailers on more modern vehicles.

It is a voltage stabilizer that avoids the vehicle original ECU (CAN-BUS) to do an incorrect diagnosis caused by energy consumption increase that trailers’ bulbs cause.   

Without the AC04, some vehicles will have serious problems to use trailers, ranging from activation of the anomaly light on the panel to impossibility of starting the car engines.

Consult our correct application for your vehicle.