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Accessories / Rear View Mirrors

Automation of original electrical rear view mirror

PARK LINE was developed to create automation, comfort and style functions to original electrical rear view mirrors of vehicles.

Its main functions are: Tilt Down and rear view mirror folding.

• Tilt Down:  Function that helps driver by automatically tilting the passenger rear view mirror after the reverse is engaged, allowing the driver a better view range to avoid side collisions. It includes Tury exclusive function (*) that allows to program the rear view mirror desired returning time to the original position when disengaging the reverse. It can operate in automatic or semi-automatic modes, selected by users and being suitable for vehicles with automatic or manual gears.

• Folding:  Function that allows the original electric rear view mirrors to automatically fold and open through the original remote control. This function is only available to vehicles that have this mechanism (folding system) as original from automakers. Rear view mirror folding ensures larger spaces between vehicles in parking lots and avoids damages to the vehicles.

• These products count on original connectors to make installation easier, preserving the vehicles original characteristics and do not need programming of any kind.

• Function that reduces the module energy consumption when in Sleep Mode (vehicle turned off and without timer). On average a module consumes 20mA. With this function, consumption is lower than 0,6 mA.

See below the models of this line and their functions:

PARK 4 and 5 versions also perform automatic roll up of power windows through the vehicle original remote control.

(*) Technology under Tury do Brasil Ind. e Com. Ltda international technological patent.




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