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Accessories / Keyless Car Alarm / COMFORT 1.1 N

Electronic module for vehicular safety and comfort functions.

Operated by the original remote control. Adds up to 16 security functions such as volumetric alarm, perimeter alarm, inclinometer alarm, motion alarm, blocker, anti-theft, safety function and more. Also up to 10 comfort functions, such as auto lighting activation (twilight or motion), timed activation of headlights and taillights through the remote control, panic, closing windows, activated arrow alert, radio off, home gate opening and others.

It has original connectors to facilitate installation and preserve the originality of the vehicle.

See the manual for all functions and features. Does not include Antitheft module which is sold separately.

Alternatively, you can choose the COMFORT 1.1 model which performs the same functions but has a lower cost because it does not have the original connectors.

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