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Accessories / Power Windows / PRO 4.40 LB

Electronic module for the complete automation of the 4 electric windows of your vehicle. It has original connectors to facilitate installation and preserve the originality of the vehicle. It has the following functions:

1) Close and open the 4 electric windows simultaneously through the original remote control of your vehicle.

2) Turn all door switches into one-touch to open and close the windows.

3) Maintains the operation of the driver's door switches for 1 minute after the car is turned off.

It guarantees the protection against crushing required by international security resolutions, especially North American Standard TP-118-06 and European Community EEC nº 70/60.

For more information about other features and functions of this product, please download the installation manual.

Alternatively you can choose the PRO 4.40 model that performs the same functions, but has a lower cost for not having the original connectors.

Product Information